Early aviation pioneers soon realized humans would not fly by imitating bird flight. The first device invented was a “whirling arm”. We at VGV bring to you the ‘Wind-Tunnel’. Wind tunnel is a sky-dive simulator which you would love to try for it gives you the experience of being light and flying without even diving.

Now-a-days, when sky diving is considered a craze and adventurous but agreeing on the terms that it is not for the weak-hearted, VGV brings to you the adrenaline – pumping ‘Wind-Tunnel’ which is for all ages and all probable.

The L1 Sky-dive simulator is capable of flying 4 in groups of 2. Needless to say, the open air environment of L1 is the most accurate simulation of free-fall achievable without actually skydiving. There is no need for earplugs; there is nothing above you, next to you or behind you. The lack of walls around the air column provides a most realistic artificial skydiving environment, it sounds like free-fall, it feels like free-fall and while looking into the sky above the landscape, you feel as though you’re in free-fall.



Designed by Harmony Infotech