Dune buggy, Honda pilots mud karts, grass karts, off road go karts are just a few names for this off road driving experience.

Is it for a birthday, stag and hen party or do you want a corporate day-out packed full of thrills and spills? The VGV buggy racing experience could be the answer!

On arrival at an off road dirt buggy site, all drivers will receive equipment and a full and thorough safety briefing. You will be instructed on how the grass karts work and how to stop them. Clear instructions for the rules of the dirt track and what the different colored flags signify.

Driving these four wheeled mud churning machines around the purpose built tracks is not as easy as it looks. But they are always great fun and guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping. The matching speeds of the off road buggies makes the experience very exciting and close racing!

Many of the buggy tracks will have different formats, a timed trial with one buggy starting before another – similar to a cat and mouse chase. Other off road tracks will start in a line, whilst others will have a staggered start.

Do you want to go off road buggy racing or do you prefer the off road karting endurance racing?


Endurance or Grand Prix off Road Karting

Endurance Honda pilots or dirt buggies racing consist of the infamous standing start running to the karts for helping hands from your friends into the karts, the race marshals check your safety before you're out on the dirt buggy course. After a number of laps its straight into the pits for a quick driver change over before hurling the off road kart through its paces once more!

Team tactics are essential to get your off road buggy past the finish line before your competitor.

Grand prix off road buggy racing takes the true racing lines similar to go karting, starting with a practice to get yourself used to the off road karts, mud buggies or Honda pilots sometimes using grass karts, then heats and the best of the best have a race off in the final to become the off road buggy racing champion!

VGV has a number of excellent activities as well as the dirt buggy racing, so if you want a whole multi activity day or just simply want to experience a couple of motorized activities then please contact the office directly for choices in your area:


Off Road Kart Racing

A common question we are always asked will be, can we have the entire group on the track at one time – without exception no! Most tracks will have 2 dune buggies on a track at any one time; some will then introduce more depending on the group’s dynamics. A few sites will have up to six on a track but these are few and far between.

Your health and safety is paramount, an off road mud buggy has open wheels, i.e., the wheels are not guarded like a go kart, without careful driving will cause the buggies to literally bounce in all directions. Of course you are in a full safety roll cage but always remember motor sport is dangerous.


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